What is LoRaWAN™?

Please see Introduction to LoRaWAN™ for a detailed introduction to LoRa® and LoRaWAN™.

How can I access your network?

Please contact us for details!

Do I need to connect the Gateway to the internet that I purchased from a GeoWAN distributor?

Yes, you need to connect the Gateway to the internet via an ethernet cable, so your the Gateway can relay the packets from your end-devices to the GeoWAN Network Server.

This can done through your ISP or a standard 3G modem or a satellite terminal.

How much does it cost to host my GeoWAN Gateway on the GeoWAN Network Server?

It is free to connect any GeoWAN Gateway that was purchased from a GeoWAN distributor!

Please note that an internet connection is necessary between the Gateway and the GeoWAN Network Server.

For end-device connectivity, please contact us for our connectivity price list.

Can I connect a non GeoWAN Gateway to the GeoWAN Network Server?

The GeoWAN Gateways have been designed and tested to work with our Network Server, providing a robust commercial connectivity solution for your devices. Unfortunately no third-party Gateways can be connected to our Network Server.

You can still connect any third-party end-nodes that are LoRaWAN™ AU specification version 1.0.3 compliant!