Australian Investment Deal

Melbourne, Australia, 6th February, 2020 – GeoWAN Pty Ltd, an Internet of Things (IoT) focused network provider, announces that it has signed a deal to connect to the Billion Dollar industry of IoT. The investment from an Australian private investment and equity firm will allow GeoWAN to focus on extending its infrastructure to grow coverage to its public network allowing LoRaWAN™ connectivity to smart city solutions, industrial IoT applications, digital metering, and consumer IoT products.

Regional areas will benefit from this investment that will connect industries such as Agriculture and Tracking with GeoWAN’s leading Food Connect program. Together with the Connected Regions program, this investment will open real time information for production, monitoring, HACCP, and storage, connecting the supply chain from producer to consumer.

Part of the investment is allocated to grow GeoWAN’s international presence and delivery of the GeoWAN connectivity business models through deployments overseas. International opportunities will be empowered to deploy the latest IoT technologies with quick setup times enabled by the GeoWAN architecture, supporting scale and customisation for different connectivity requirements. International partners can now connect to GeoWAN’s architecture that ensures data sovereignty while maintaining the business value and long-term integrity.

The GeoWAN LoRaWAN™ Network is in deployment phase now with the high quality LoRaWAN™ equipment and products feature long distance, strong coverage, low power consumption, and low cost. The GeoWAN LoRaWAN™ Network will enable new innovation and growth in Australia for industries such as smart cities, smart homes, smart agriculture, smart factories, and smart metering. The deal enables the rapid deployment of Australia’s IoT infrastructure by GeoWAN that will focus on network operations giving hardware, applications, and solution vendors a compliant, licensed, and certified network partner. The business maturity of GeoWAN has stimulated the investment which is an indication of an overall greater maturity index of the IoT environment.

GeoWAN will continue to deploy public network infrastructure in all major Australian cities and regions, whilst assisting solution vendors to provide IoT connectivity that is cost effective, scalable, and responsible. The GeoWAN network is targeted at domestic and global applications with the high level of security, privacy, and reliability that commercial solutions require. The rise of global acceptance of the LoRaWAN™ IoT standard demonstrates that the value of flexible IoT connectivity is providing high value data for applications and accessible network solutions.

GeoWAN has been building a responsible LoRaWAN™ system since 2016 that will provide Australians a secure future within the Internet of Things. For more about GeoWAN or to schedule a meeting with a GeoWAN member please contact,